Collected here are drawings of girls, monsters, bugs, fish, and whatever else is rattling around my head at the moment pen hits paper.

Archive for November, 2010

Watercolor Sketch.


Here is a new watercolor piece from my sketchbook.  It’s a ghost bristling with the things that killed him.  Happy Holidays!



Colored Crab says hello!

Lo and behold!  I actually did the digital colors that I mentioned in my last post!  Around two hours in photoshop.


Crabs, so many crabs.

I’ve been on quite the crab kick lately, so I thought I’d share.

First up are a couple color sketches using Farber Castell markers & Ink.

This guy will be going on to become a digital piece later.  Trying to play up the contrast between the cuteness of the crab and the fact that he would gladly eat your tender bits if you happen to drown in the ocean.

“quick” sketch. (HA! GET IT?)

In honor of the sketch night I wasn’t able to attend due to a munchkin sleepover. Here is the flash as requested by Kobi Sonnier.

Micron pen, ink & brush & cool gray copic marker.

November 1st = National Self Portrait Day!

Here is a digital self portrait in honor of National Self Portrait Day.  (Photoshop with wacom tablet)

Self portraits are always more fun when making a silly face.