Collected here are drawings of girls, monsters, bugs, fish, and whatever else is rattling around my head at the moment pen hits paper.

Archive for April, 2012

I’m so much fun at parties.





More watercolors

Did this while messing around last night.


gab collab #2

My current sumbission to the gab collab.

Go to to take part!

More watercolor progress


Work in progress

Started a watercolor painting last night with no real goal in mind and this is what happened.



Thanks to Mr. Finch for picking up some artwork.

Go here to check out his artwork.

More new stuff for Friday.

First up is the Coelacanth I painted for a local art battle.  We had one hour to complete a painting from start to finish.  It was pretty fun and has already sold (Thanks again Erica!).  It was a good time.

Next up is something for  Gabrielle Rose adds new watercolor blobs every now and then for people to draw on and submit back to her as a fun collaborative project.  I printed the blob out and did this at lunch today.


Thanks for looking everyone!