Collected here are drawings of girls, monsters, bugs, fish, and whatever else is rattling around my head at the moment pen hits paper.


Finished bearded vulture

Finished the inks on the bearded vulture.



Bearded Vulture WIP 4

Done with the bird, and the bones and the flowers. Now for the background.


Bearded vulture WIP 3

Stopped around 4:00 am this morning. About to get after it again.


Vulture WIP 2

More progress.


Bearded vulture work in progress

Making something with a bearded vulture in it. Because they are rad.



For those who are wondering what the bartkira project is, it’s basically a mash up replacing all the characters in the Akira manga by Katsushiro Otomo, with characters from the Simpsons.  It is a pretty huge undertaking with around 300 artists taking part, each working on five pages from the manga.  I got pages 16-20 of Volume six.  I’m not entirely happy of with how my pages turned out, but I’m glad I finished them.  It is going to be such an interesting project with so many talented people involved.  I can’t wait to see the compiled books.


Here are my pages.

Bartkira_6_p016 Bartkira_6_p017 Bartkira_6_p018 Bartkira_6_p019 Bartkira_6_p020


Search the #bartkira tag on tumblr to see more (much better) pages.

Dinosaur’s Dream

This is for the Dinosaur Show at the Henning Cultural Center on May 9th.

15″ x 11″   Ink, gouache, and posca pens on paper.  dinosaur's dream