Collected here are drawings of girls, monsters, bugs, fish, and whatever else is rattling around my head at the moment pen hits paper.

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Gouache piece from a couple weeks ago.

Just getting around to putting this up.

blue heart 150


Finished Watercolor Portrait

Here is a watercolor portrait that I recently finished.  I am currently open for commisions.  Contact me at for details.brooke portrait


I think I am just about finished with this one.  I think I will be doing some more in this style.  I enjoyed this a lot.fracture

Happy new year

Happy new year. Here is a gouache painting of my lovely girlfriend I did this afternoon.



I put some previews of this up earlier, but I haven’t shown the final product yet.  Ink on paper, 22″ x 22″.

Inking with a flat calligraphy nib.

An experiment inking with a flat nib.


This week’s Gab Collab

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