Collected here are drawings of girls, monsters, bugs, fish, and whatever else is rattling around my head at the moment pen hits paper.

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Old and new.

Happy Holidays everyone.  Here are two drawings from my last sketchbook that I’m just getting around to scanning, and one recently finished from my current book.



Watercolor Sketchbook Extravaganza

Ok, extravaganza might be a slight exaggeration but it is a pretty fun word to use.  These paintings are from the last couple of weeks and are spread out between three different sketchbooks.  I’ve taken to doing random splashes of watercolors and gouache in my sketchbook pages to give myself something a little more interesting to work on rather than plain paper all the time.  Some of these are the results.

I’m about to start a new body of work, and I think these little pieces are indicating the direction I want to go.  The direction isn’t set in stone, but I’m getting excited regardless.  I’d like to throw out a big Thank You to everyone who has posed, or has agreed to pose in the near future for reference photos.  I can’t tell you how helpful it is!

More sketches from the big SB.

Here’s more proof that I haven’t been totally lazy over that long gap in posts.

Some of these were made from reference photos provided the Octolady herself, Rupa dasGupta.  If you haven’t seen her stuff yet go check it out immediately.

ok… new stuff.

Ok, here is a whole gaggle of new images.  That sketchbook that I started a couple posts back, well this is the end of it.  Next post will be stuff from a new one.

And last but not least are a couple pieces of unfettered fanboy goodness.  The Eva was done the night before cyphacon, and Tetsuo was done while hanging with my buddy John Davis at his table at the con.   They are both ink and white gouache on pastel paper (plus just a touch of green on the EVA.)

I’m going to try to stay on a much more consistent updating schedule, but I think i say that a lot, so we shall see.

so many moleskine sketches (and some actual finished pieces)

Finally updating.  I’m putting a pretty good chunk of stuff up today.  This is easily the biggest post I’ve put up here so far.

(As always, click the images to get to bigger versions for your viewing pleasure.)

Starting off with a piece I did for/of my good friend John Davis.  Sorry it took so damned long John, I hope it was worth the wait.


Gouache & Watercolor on paper


This represents about six and a half hours geeking out with a new mechanical pencil on a Friday night.  Good god my social life is a sad sad thing.

Graphite on Bristol board.  11″x14.

Here is a new scratchboard, featuring my favorite carrion eater.


And now a bunch of new crap from my 3″x5″ standard & watercolor paper moleskines and an 8″x5″ moleskine.  Some of this stuff is actually drawn from life!




sketchbook madness!

Here is the last week or so of sketching in my moleskines.  Enjoy.